BABY BED SET - Teddy Blue

Special Price ₫1,252,000 Regular Price ₫1,565,000

Technical Data

- Product name: Baby - Teddy

- Size: available (outer size order not accepted)

- The set includes:

  • 01 thin mattress 65*115
  • 01 blanket with inner inserted 110*150 (with zipper)
  • 01 pillow with inner inserted 30*50 (with zipper)

-  Product features:

  • Ingredients 100% from organic cotton fiber, not mixed with nylon, not causing heat, stuffiness or rustling when lying down.
  • High weaving density, the fabric surface is stiff, cool, airy, absorbs sweat and does not cause stuffiness at the back.
  • The sterile, antibacterial, and odorless fabric help the baby sleep well.
  • The fabric is highly durable, without stretching and fluffiness in all washing environments.
  • The thin mattress has a special support function to help protect the spine and support bone development of the child.
  • Is capable of keeping warm when it turns cold, but releases heat quickly in summer.
  • Soft and smooth surface;
  • True and eye-catching colors thanks to modern active printing technology;
  • The product is used for children from 1-5 years old.

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