- Name of product: Wagies K10

- Type: 100% polyester

- Patterns: checkered

- Materials & production technology: Korea

- Size: 180x200

- The set includes: The one layer elastic blanket & bed sheet set (01 elasticbed sheet, 01 blanket case 200x220, 02 pillow case 45x65cm)

- Warranty: No

- Product characteristics:

  • High strength, difficult to ruffle, and do not fade;
  • Absorb sweat, absorb moisture, absorb sweat, reduce heat, bring comfort to the wearer;
  • Quickly dry after washing;
  • Easy to clean and wash by machine without worrying about smashing and crumpling.


Bedsheet Set 20f Wagies K10

The product set does not include inner blanket, inner pillow

In addition, Forever also provides products with the same color code (elastic sheet, blanket cover, bolster case, square pillow case) or provides separately products as well as resize products to suit with needs of retail customers.


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