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- Product name: BT200 Blanket Inner

- Material: 100% polyester cotton

- Color: White

- Materials & production technology: Korea

- Weight: 2kg

- Size: 120*200, 160*200, 180*200, 200*220, 220*240

-  Warranty: N/A

The BT200 blanket has a quite good heat retention capacity with a cotton thickness of 10.5 oz. and the cotton fiber is quite small, smooth and light. The product has a high air ventilation and antibacterial properties as up to 65% of the outer TC fabric cove is made of cotton.

BT200 Blanket Inner

On the other hand, the design of the blanket cover made of TC fabric is thick, construct, research can rest assured to use and wash when necessary without worrying about the cover being torn or falling out during the machine washing process.

If you are looking for a soft, light, and warm blanket for your family, the BT200 blanket will be the family's top choice. This is one of the exclusive, best-selling products at Forever showrooms through the four seasons.

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