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Double Rim GUARDIAN-G 301 Spring Mattress is favored by many consumers because of its special product texture, deeply exploiting the elastic feature of the spring combined with a separate young rubber layer to create the product’s smoothness and stability.


  • Mattress name: Double Rim GUARDIAN-G 301 Spring Mattress
  • Spring system: Bonnell
  • Cover: High-quality Japan brocade
  • Manufacturing technology: USA
  • Color: White
  • Thickness: 18cm, 22cm
  • Size: 140x200, 150x200, 160x200, 180x200, 200x220
  • Warranty: 7 years

With a minimalistic, polite white design, Triple Rim Guardian-G 301 Spring Mattress suits all bedroom spaces, from modern to neoclassical. The soft and distinct embossed quilting stitches on the mattress surface not only optimize smoothness but also enhance aesthetics, enabling the product to reduce the feeling of roughness and heaviness.

In addition, users will also experience an authentic feeling of the spring mattress concept with outstanding bounce and airiness from the Triple Rim Guardian, which maximize gravity, support skeletal muscles to help the user to get into deep sleep.

Double Rim GUARDIAN-G 301 Spring Mattress


  • The spring system is firmly and independently linked, without affecting  the person lying next to you when you turn over.
  • The surface is beautifully and delicately quilted, thereby increasing aesthetics.
  • The anti-uplift mesh part of the mattress is a wonderful combination of antibacterial cotton treated through biotechnology and a comfortable lining to produce a soft and smooth product.
  • The main white tone makes it easy for the mattress to be combined with a lot of space
  • The cushion cover is made of high-quality Japanese brocade, absorbs sweat and creates a sense of airiness through the 4 seasons.
  • Genuine 7-year warranty.
  • Can be ordered according to the required size.

The surface uses Japan brocade fabric with effective dust-proof and fire resistance.


With the above features, the Double Rim GUARDIAN-G 301 Spring Mattress can be flexibly used through the 4 seasons without worrying about feeling feel cramped, stuffy, and  uncomfortable. The product deserves to be a companion for you and your family to have a full sleep.

In addition, the company also responds in case you have a need to change the size of the mattress to match your existing bed frame.

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