Double Rim William-A 303 Spring Mattress (Type 4)

Regular Price ₫19,957,000 ₫13,969,900

Double Rim William-A 303 Mattress, an exclusive product of Hoang Hai - Forever, is a high-quality spring mattress line with a unique combination of Japanese spring system and American modern technology to make the mattress 70% more smooth, airy and elastic than conventional products.


  • Mattress name: Double Rim William-A 303 Mattress
  • Spring system: Bonnell
  • Cover: High-quality Japanese brocade
  • Manufacturing technology: USA
  • Color: Yellow, beige
  • Thickness: 18cm, 22cm
  • Size: 150x200, 160x200, 180x200, 200x220
  • Warranty: 8 years

Double Rim William-A 303 Mattress

Double Rim William-A 303 Mattress uses a system of springs linked to the high-carbon springs, enabling to improve durability and high bearing capacity. In addition, the rhythmic operation of the springs also allows the lying person to freely move and turn over without worrying about affecting the person lying next to.

Especially, this product line is also designed to add anti-uplift mesh along with thick knitting density of steel cores to enable the product to maintain the flat surface, high elasticity and increase the service life of the mattress over time.

The cover made of Japanese brocade designed with delicate submerged textile patterns under the silk cover to give you more choices to further perfect your own space.

The surface uses Japanese brocade fabric with effective dust-proof and fire resistance.


  • Double Rim William-A 303 Mattress uses Japanese brocade fabric surface, thus optimizing ventilation, sweat absorption, suitable for the 4 seasons weather
  • The linked spring system maximizes elasticity and absorbs gravity.
  • Supports body areas, supports the skeletal system in the best manner.
  • There are 4 air vents in the wall of the mattress to help circulate air during sleep, preventing your back from being heated in summer weather.
  • Suits most customers as it is smooth, ventilated, flat backed and highly elastic.
  • It is possible to lie on both sides of the product.
  • Suits people liking a soft mattress.
  • Dimensions can be ordered on request
  • Genuine 8-year warranty.

In addition, the company also responds in case you have a need to change the size of the mattress to match your existing bed frame.

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