Regular Price ₫151,000 ₫123,820


- Product name: Korean Square Pillow 

- Material: 100% polyester cotton

- Color: White

- Materials & production technology: Korea

- Size: 45*45, 50*50, 55*55, 60*60, 70*70, 80*80

-  Warranty: N/A

Made of Korean cotton fiber, the square pillow  gives you a feeling of smoothness and comfort when turning over, ensuring great ventilation and softness.

  • Good air circulation, quick moisture removal;
  • Facilitates good blood circulation, benefits to health;
  • Is made of high-quality cotton fiber imported from Korea. Without flattening, sinking during use, bringing a comfortable life and maximum health protection for you and your loved ones.
  • The product with above price includes: 1 pillow


Korean Square Pillow 

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