You feel the existing mattress is too stiff but you don't want to replace as it is still new, or you are simply looking for a topper sheet to limit stains. NK Feather Topper Sheet with outstanding features in terms of softness, smoothness and waterproof ability is a great solution to help you overcome these concerns.


- Product name: NK Feather Topper Sheet

- Main material: 100% cotton cover, feather inner

- Size: 180x200, 200x220

- Color: White

- Warranty: N/A

NK Feather Topper Sheet is delicately researched and designed to bring the user a feeling of optimal softness and swinging to help users get the best relaxation and sleep. Toppers are being chose by more and more consumers to upgrade the mattress and improve the old mattress and too stiff mattress.



The feathered topper, also known as the multipurpose topper, is manufactured from industrial feather material. This is also the main structural component of the product. Topper is composed of 2 components:

  • Inside is a layer of smooth industrial feather, imported directly from Korea, meeting international standards for purity and user safety.
  • The outside is a cotton fabric with high fiber density, firmness, which limits fluffiness and is able to absorb sweat effectively.

Feather Topper is an indispensable product in the bedrooms of many families, especially those with young children. In addition to keeping warm, topper is also a great solution to help you prevent liquid contaminants such as child's urine, tea, coffee accidentally spilled or stains left by children playing on the mattress.

Further, with the 4 elastic corner design sturdily sewn, you can easily fix the topper on the mattress surface without worrying about being disproportioned or wrinkled. That the impressive quilting stitches, the absolute swelling to create a feeling of smoothness and comfort is largely thanks to the new technology quilting method.

The product is easy to clean by machine and does not flatten and sag after many years of use.


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