Spread bedsheet set Vision D20

Regular Price ₫6,062,000 ₫3,940,300


- Name of product: Elegant D20

- Type: Tencel

- Color: Blue

- Patterns: Guys

- Materials & production technology: Korea

- Size: 160x200, 180x200, 200x220 

- Options:

  • The covered quilted blanket & bed sheet set (01 covered quilted bed sheet, 01 quilted blanket case 200x220, 02 pillow case 45x65cm)
  • The elastic quilted blanket & bed sheet set (01 elastic quilted bed sheet, 01 blanket case 200x220, 02 pillow case 45x65cm)
  • The one layer elastic blanket & bed sheet set (01 elasticbed sheet,  01 blanket case 200x220, 02 pillow case 45x65cm)

- Warranty: No

-  Product characteristics:

  • Tone color is minimalist and courteous, which can be flexibly combined with a variety of bedroom spaces and styles
  • Optimized the ability to regulate body temperature, absorb sweat effectively, which is suitable for both winter and summer
  • The product has been made from the bamboo fiber which has antibacterial properties and deodorizes, also does not cause skin irritation. It is extremely safe for users, especially the elderly and children.
  • Active printing technology according to safety standards ensures colors and patterns appear in the clearest and most vivid manner
  • No ruffling, no color fading, no shrinkage

Spread bedsheet set Elegant D20

*** The product set does not include inner blanket, inner pillow

In addition, Forever also provides products with the same color code (elastic sheet, blanket cover, bolster case, square pillow case) or provides separately products as well as resize products to suit with needs of retail customers.

*** Bộ sản phẩm không bao gồm ruột chăn, ruột gối

Ngoài ra Forever cũng đáp ứng nhu cầu mua lẻ của khách hàng đối với các sản phẩm cùng mã màu ( ga chun, vỏ chăn, vỏ gối ôm, vỏ gối vuông) hoặc mua tách rời cũng như thay đổi kích thước để phù hợp với nhu cầu sử dụng.

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