Neck pillows with the design embracing and supporting the neck, giving a feeling of smoothness, comfort, preventing neck pain and fatigue caused by sitting for a long time, can be used as a sleeping pillow at the office, when traveling by train, motor vehicle, plane, as a useful item beneficial to health.

Outstanding features:

  • Regarding material, the pillow cover is made of premium Lycra blended fabric, which gives a feeling of softness and smoothness when touching.
  • The inner contains thousands of small porous particles, which move flexibly inside, easily change the shape to suit each posing and lying position, without causing stiff neck pain and fatigue even when used for a long time, for you to enjoy the unprecedented comfort and smoothness.
  • The U-shaped design gently hugs the necklace, providing the maximum support and protection to the neck.
  • Size: 13 * 66 cm
  • Super light weight, suitable for you to bring to the office, resist the aching feeling when working, convenient to carry on travel, take the train and motor vehicle… Just attach the pillow to your neck and your tiredness will melt away and you are able to rest comfortably in place.

In addition to serving as support for the neck, this pillow can also be used to support your back, or as a comfortable pillow for a short nap in the office.


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